Stuck in Three Piggyton!

[Post New]by mrodman on Apr 2, 09 7:59 AM
I have been playing this level forever and can not pass it. Doe anyone have some tips to get me through it?



Re:Stuck in Three Piggyton!

[Post New]by demotester9933 on Apr 3, 09 5:12 PM
Get the other potions as soon as possible as well as increased warehouse space. Use the loanshark if you have to.

Also don't use goons till you get rid of at least one enemy shop. Oh hush spell is incredibly usefull to counter the spread of the enemy shops appeal.

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Re:Stuck in Three Piggyton!

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Jun 29, 09 2:44 PM
I found that I absolutely had to take out loans, reaching nearly the limit, in order to make adequate profit. (This is a lot like real small businesses; unless you have adequate capital, you're not going to make it.)

Other than that, it's just a matter of the basics--having sufficient supplies, not over- or undercharging, not keeping very many of the peasants waiting longer than they'll stand for, etc.

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Re:Stuck in Three Piggyton!

[Post New]by jediliz on Jul 2, 09 9:06 AM
I have been having a LOT of trouble with this level. I keep having to restart the town over and over. I want to have certain upgrades, but they are more expensive than previous towns (and one isn't available for you already like a previous town). And then I can't really estimate how many supplies I need. The worst part is when the supplies are too expensive to restock and I don't want to have to resort to going to the loan shark.

Any good tips for pricing?

BTW, I generally try to price my potion(s) so I can get a few beans profit, but I don't want to price too high either.


Re:Stuck in Three Piggyton!

[Post New]by macaroni1980 on Oct 20, 09 5:01 PM
re: jedillz question

When I first started playing I was pricing above cost -- but not not too much, because I didn't want to scare them away. Then one day while I was in the pricing screen I clicked on the little helper guy that's along the top bar and he said to average between 1.5 to 2 times the cost. I had always been way below that, so I wasn't making near as much money as I could have been. Just throwing it out there in cased you missed that part. I play a lot of games, and for some reason that just passed me by during the Good luck!

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