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Better Than Being Shot In The Eye

[Post New]by Yaelle on Aug 17, 14 4:38 AM
Oh wow. I did NOT expect what I just got.
As always, I was so glad to see a TM game that I ran to try it out.

I had not realized that this would be a game apparently made before the advent of electricity. Yeah, I know that makes no sense but this is what playing Ice Cream Tycoon for 15 minutes has done to my mind.

Oh it was so bad!! It was so bad....so bad. It kills me to admit this about anything that's not one of the usual BFG offerings (spooky, ridiculous, overdone by literally 300%, mindless drivel hidden object games) and I am not going to even leave a review on the store page because I just don't want to discourage an actual TM game from being sold here.

I kid you not when I say I had a physical reaction to playing Ice Cream Tycoon. And not a good one. It actually took me FOUR minutes to escape and I barely made it with my sanity intact. ((barely))

The lag was epic &

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