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Rusty Gear Bug

[Post New]by bribling on Aug 17, 14 2:31 PM
I reached a point where I needed to fix the gear box up in the ceiling. I had the oil so I applied it to the rusty gears. The oil immediately disappeared but the gears are still rusty. I did not yet have the missing gear. Now I cannot proceed because I do not have the oil. I do not want to start over so, I guess I am done and will not be able to play the Bonus game either. Maybe you can fix it so that it is not possible to use the oil on the rusty gears until all the gears are present.

Sadly, it has been my experience in the past when encountering bugs that I have to start the game over. I am just too far along to play from the beginning. One day in the future, I will play again. I hope I don't encounter this Bug again. So disappointed.

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