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I was about to give upon this game then...

[Post New]by notdeadyet on Aug 18, 14 10:53 AM
I have arthritis in my hands. Even with that I was able to go along quite far,on casual,with the game until I reached a very large rectangle with LOTS of locks.I tried it 6 times and always had one or two tiles left over at the end. Then I remembered the
exspensive tools in the club house. I am not generally a quitter so I decided to start again and try to use more than the hammer.
You get that at the beginning of the game.
I saved up enough to buy dynamite only to discover that you cannot buy the tools in any order.I now have to save some more gold to get the pick.
You obviously have to have patience or very quick fingers
for this game. The graphics are really good though. I defininitely think that I will be able to finish it.It will be an accomplishment for me.

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Re:I was about to give upon this game then...

[Post New]by burf90 on Aug 18, 14 7:59 PM
I bought the power-ups out of order. I bought the hammer first, because you have no choice, but after that I just kept earning supplies until I could afford any of them and bought the pick-axe next, then I bought the last one that let's you destroy all of one type of tile. Eventually, I bought them all, but not in order. I'm not sure why you can't buy them out of order, too.

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Re:I was about to give upon this game then...

[Post New]by joannebuddy on Aug 30, 14 6:31 AM
I can't buy out of order either They remain Locked and when I reach the stage of double chains there's no hope Help!!

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