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Mummies Lose Points?

[Post New]by zuix on Aug 18, 14 11:56 AM
On the Egypt world, day 5 (playing it as the 4th world played), at the very last round of customers for the day, a mummy comes in, unwraps himself, and the negative points start flying away: -30, -60 etc.

Then his bubble shows that he wants a menu but clicking on him doesn't give him one. All the negative points cut my score in half and I can't pass the level.

It keeps happening every time I start over on that level.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? and if so, how did you handle it?



Re:Mummies Lose Points?

[Post New]by monkeyfries on Sep 4, 14 9:37 PM
this is the solution:
if u know when the mummy comes in give all ur costumers lots of cookies and TV then give one of them a cake but DO NOT GET THE MONEY yet give all ur other costumers cookies and TV THEN let the mummy this will lower ur costumers hearts but they will NOT leave but u must give them more cookies and/or TV to keep them there but of course u can also give everyone their cake then get the money hope this helps

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