Stuck at mixing potion

[Post New]by Redhededkewty on Aug 18, 14 3:00 PM
Stuck in the game at the point where you mix the potion on the pedestal in Guardian's lair. I have all the components on the pedestal and the antimony is in the mortar. The game won't let me add the teardrops from the vial. It says, "Tears and drops? teardrops" and "There is a better tool for grinding herbs but I don't have it". I tap the vial, then the bowl, but the only thing that happens is those captions. I have a late model iPhone 4s. I turned it off and back on again after waiting but, I can't proceed. Been the forums and knowledge base. Customer service sent me a non-answer that didn't address my issue at all. Thanks for any help on this.

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