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Should logic take second priority to beautiful HO scenes?

[Post New]by Malekitty on Aug 19, 14 4:37 AM
I agree that the HO scenes are stunning in this game. In fact, the plot and logic and rest of the gameplay only seems to service and showcase the HO scenes in the following ways:

1. Every location has three or four cabinets, puzzle boxes or locked doors that require several pieces of a "key"
2. The parts of the "key" are strewn all over the map
3. The player is encouraged to use the jump map to jump to any location that suddenly becomes "active" after you discover a new locked box or door
4. The parts of a key are often locked up in some other locked compartment
5. Although the story tells you it is urgent to do something, you often have to search in a HO for an item in some other location before you can proceed
6. The villain goes through a door and locks it behind him, and you need to search for an item someplace else before you can find the key.
7. The characters in the story make no attempt to stop the detective from going through the diaries, cabinets and locked boxes in their property or stop him from taking their items. The detective does not bother to ask permission either.

I may be the minority here but I hope Big Fish could bring back some logic, common sense and pacing in your games, other than showcasing your HO scenes.

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