level 22

[Post New]by jgriffs on Aug 19, 14 7:56 AM
I can get just about 2 1/2 stars. Do the stones in the lower ravine provide enough for needs? What's the best place for the Druid Hut. I know a saw mill is needed to keep the worker at the bridges instead of them going back and going to the bridge again but can't seem to get the timing right. Any help?


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[Post New]by SkyeMarie on Sep 19, 14 9:37 PM
So it's been a month since your post jgriffs, so I don't know if you already found the help that you needed. For the most part, it was a matter of having the resources beforehand and then sending the worker through the bridge as fast as possible. Also, I don't think I would have made 3 stars without ALL of the druid crystals (although I only hit one of the totems).

This is what I did.

Upgrade camp
Build mill by camp
Clear wood on construction site and pick berries (just so both guys are doing something at once and one isn't just standing around)
Build chamber by camp
Upgrade chamber by camp
Build bridge to right of camp (will need to chop trees near camp, harvest berries, run mill, etc, to have enough resources)
Upgrade camp
Clear tree from site to the right and build a small sawmill
Build ladder down to the fish
Harvest fish
Harvest small stone by the fish (I didn't bother with the big one)
Run sawmill and then clear the swamp off the construction site
Build stone quarry
Upgrade chamber (should be at 2 stars now)
Upgrade camp (should be 4 workers now, enough to get the stone income)
Build bridge to south
Clear stone off building site
Build druid's hut and start collecting crystals, totems
Build first airport
Start hitting your sawmill like crazy to get enough wood for the next two bridges (see the tips section for more if you want)
Build second airport
Build ladder down to the blue crystal (and send your druid for it asap)
Build third bridge
Clear big stone in between bridges
Build fourth bridge
Build saw bench
Do a happy dance

* Whenever I had a spare moment/guy, I was always harvesting berries/fish. I used the 'go faster' bonus every time it became available.
* And it kinda goes without saying with these games but if you know what you're going to do next and it's not available yet, hover your mouse over it so you can click it as soon as possible. (Or you can be like me and click it repeatedly even before it's available because you're impatient.)
* You will need 42 each of wood, food, and silver to build the last two bridges and if you get as much of that as possible before you cross to the other island you're less likely to waste time with your guys going back and forth in balloons.
* If your guy starts to go back a little early, you can always left click on the berry bush on the far island, then right click on it again immediately to keep him on that island. Optionally, you can be yelling "dance, puppet, dance!" while doing this.

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Re:level 22

[Post New]by PawPrinted on Dec 7, 14 11:55 PM
Thank you, SkyeMarie! I was not quite getting my 3 stars. I tried doing things in different orders, but couldn't get it. Your reply was very helpful (and entertaining )

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