Pharaoh's Mask: items not present

[Post New]by crimsoncrab on Aug 19, 14 12:25 PM
From reading much of the forum/technical comments, this game is very linear. Apparently I will never see the items for the Pharaoh's Mask simply because I moved ahead with other tasks. Too bad! I was starting to enjoy this game.

I was approximately 48 minutes into the Demo version. Sigh. I have no intentions of starting from scratch by uninstalling the game. The developers should take note that such a requirement (or lack of versatility) is unacceptable.


Re:Pharaoh's Mask: items not present

[Post New]by kcasey503 on Aug 22, 14 6:25 PM
Argh!! This is happening to me, too. I'll start again with a new user name, and see if the fragments show up before leaving the room Actually, I'm not certain that I ever saw the fragments. I surely wouldn't have missed the gold face fragment that the walkthrough shows. Argh again.


Re:Pharaoh's Mask: items not present

[Post New]by kcasey503 on Aug 23, 14 6:42 AM
OK, I started over. This was unexpected: you need to keep the book OPEN, and search for fragments AROUND it (although the books fills most of the screen). Whenever the book is closed, the fragments disappear. Pretty weird.

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