don't have a torch

[Post New]by mcidrivr on Aug 19, 14 12:57 PM
After melting the ice in the hall way the torch disappears. I can't scare the bats away on the roof. Any suggestions

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Re:don't have a torch

[Post New]by tookat on Aug 22, 14 4:01 PM
Different torch.
In the hallway you use a blowtorch.....
on the roof you use an old fashioned hand torch that you have to find two pieces for.

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Re:don't have a torch

[Post New]by uvujog10 on Sep 7, 14 12:58 AM
You need to obtain the torch top from the power light switch located where the dog and car is but you can only obtain this once you have placed the lever switch. You then go to the boys room and zoom in to the window sill and place the torch top on the torch handle. Light the torch from the fireplace down the stairs past the snake.
Hope this helps you

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