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sundial roman numerals game

[Post New]by hidnseekr on Aug 20, 14 6:36 PM
The game is that you place your ceramic wing in center of sundial, and work the numbers in sections of 3, till you have 6 up to 12 on the left and 1-6 on right.(there are 2 6's)
Then it should open so you can get an "empty crystal" and "incomplete decorative lock". I looked at the guide because I have it all done. Checked it all 4 times, but it won't open. The guide, of course, is no help.(they're getting like that a lot lately)
It shows it finished. I have turned the dial many times to see if it was that. Nothing!

I am hoping someone knows something to help.

PS. I'm sorry, I found the problem
the positions for the two 6's(VI) have to be correctly placed.

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