Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by pondprowler on Aug 23, 14 12:33 AM
A thread for your reviews!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by Tufty57 on Aug 23, 14 1:53 AM
Well, I will start off by saying that this is not my sort of hidden object game, I didn't enjoy Gardenscapes and much prefer HOPAs.

However, if you like HO games and can put up with the repetition then it is a fun game.

Most will know how the gameplay works so skip the coloured bit.

But if you are new to this type..

Your friend is doing up the $1.5m manor she bought on a whim and you have to organise her yard sales, find the objects people want to buy (a paperclip for $35? Really?) and then grab the money to keep the customers coming in. You have various 'tools' to help you as you progress which also need to be found in the scene. Some scenes have multiple objects to find to move the 'story' on. You earn achievements and get bonus money for not using hints, accuracy etc As you earn enough money you can buy 'stuff' to do up the house.

The trial is only 60 minutes but felt much longer.

HOSs were revisited with often some of the same things to be found.

Music was OK, graphics were clear.

The taste of the furniture buyer was appalling! I went for an appropriate antique look but regretted that when the carpet choice came round. You can 'redesign'.

I played in relaxed mode, but there is a timed too.

Oh, and you have to name the cat who comes down the chimney! I called mine Fatso, because it is!

I am not sure why this is a CE and probably wouldn't buy it as an SE anyway, but if you love HOGs then this could be a good buy for you, especially with the sale today.

Had no tech issues on my Windows 7 Home Premium



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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by bfgLianorm on Aug 23, 14 5:56 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by Bartsister on Aug 23, 14 7:08 AM
Like Tufty said above, this game is exactly like Gardenscapes. The only differences were that you get a point bonus for click accuracy after each scene and of course different characters to click on.

I bought it from the developer a ways back because I do like Gardenscapes and I didn't mind paying to get a different house to decorate. I like decorating rewards However, as I played I did find myself somewhat disappointed that there wasn't anything new. I will be thinking longer about purchasing another in this series.

I didn't like the advertisements for the other games inside this game. You will get 2000 coins if you click on the Gardenscapes link and then another 2000 later in the game if you click on Farmscapes. There is a 15 minute countdown to do these things and so it is not something you can say no to and expect it will disappear immediately.

The game is well done and of Gardenscapes quality. That's because it is Gardenscapes - with a female lead character. I would recommend a demo and see how you feel about it. I enjoyed playing it but was not as happy as I would have liked to have been with a new edition to this series. For people who haven't played any in this series, maybe spend a coupon on the original


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by sandi12345 on Aug 23, 14 7:55 AM
I beta'd this game and hated it - sorry - not my type of game and only trialled it for about 10 minutes. Not long enough I suppose to get the feel of a game but as I sad not my favourite type of game - not a CE or SE game and am surprised it has been released at all.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by Wicked500 on Aug 23, 14 8:06 AM
I bought it from the developer and I like it. There are more achievements than before, which I like. Some of the scenes are the same from Gardenscape, but from a different angle. I know that a lot of people don't like this type of game, but for those of us that like Gardenscape and the Barn Yard one, will probably like this one. My only big complaint that in buying rugs, wallpaper you are limited in colors an choices. And the colors do not always match the other stuff. Demo it and see if you like it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by gamblebug on Aug 23, 14 9:39 AM
Sorry not my type of game.For those that do like it enjoy.I don't see what makes this CE worthy.I think I would rather buy the new puppet show game.Only that the sale isn't member related ,it's for anyone.Members price should be no more then $7.00

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Aug 23, 14 10:09 AM
Hi all. Well okay, I admit it, I am a nerd when it comes to this type of game. Yes, I really like the spooky, action, mystery, whatever type of games, but I really like this one too. Yep, got them all, Gardenscapes, Antique Road Show, Dream Wedding. It's like decorating with someone else's money and it's fun.

This one is the same set up as Gardenscapes, only with a woman. The story line is a little different, as you are also finding hints for a book she is trying to write, so there are a few extras. Not sure that makes it a CE, but we will see. Game play is very good, as were the graphics, which were a bit cartoon-like, but it fit the game. Colors are very bright and clear. Music is the same as all the others and does get a little annoying after a while, but I just turn it down. Sound FX are very nice and appropriate for what is happening at the time, e.g., fireplace, storm, TV, etc.

HOPs are a bit of a junk pile, but it's an old house with "junk" stored everywhere, so it should be junky. Items weren't that difficult to find. What is challenging is finding the extra coins in each scene. They are very well hidden, in, around and behind other objects. What would be nice is knowing exactly how many coins you needed to find in each scene...most had 3 (I think), and one had 5 so far.

As I said, I'm not sure this is CE worthy, but I did enjoy this one and I will get it to add to my collection. I think this one will appeal to anyone who just wants something different for a change and doesn't want to strain the brain to get it.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by steve_san on Aug 23, 14 10:58 AM

Fond Memories of Gardens Gone By

There is a a successful writer who is tired of city life. She decides to spend her entire savings on a country mansion - or Manor. The place is very run down, so to raise money to fix it up she starts selling off the contents room by room. All the while she hopes the change of scenery will help her write her next book. You, the player, are helping her out.

This follows the general pattern of Gardenscapes - of which I own both - except instead of a butler we have a writer, and instead of a dog we have a cat. Otherwise it is very similar. There is the same whimsical drawing style, the same music, the same type of "assignments" to find certain types of objects. You still have the option of playing either timed or relaxed mode. To help find objects, in addition to hints there may be a compass (gives an arrow pointing in the direction of the object) or camera (quick highlight of all active objects). There may also be other hint types not revealed during the trial time.

Game play consists of one hidden object "sale" after another located in one room of the manor. You'll also receive postal letters, calls and emails from locals or your editor which will set up the next hidden object scene. In the timed mode, each customer is looking for a specific object and the longer it takes to find, the less money they'll pay you. You also get extra dollars for accuracy, and for finding hidden gold coins within the scenes. Some of the scenes are in "flashlight" mode. The money earned in each scene is added to your total, and then you'll use it to purchase furnishings for the home.

Based on the trial, this game is the equal of Gardenscapes which was a very well made game. In my experience, play can get tiring after a while because it is after all, just hidden object scenes. What makes for a better experience, in my opinion, is to play this game in several shorter sessions instead of one long one.

The only extras of interest to me would be the extra bonus levels. Will her next book get written? I will probably wait for the SE.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Aug 23, 14 11:50 AM


Most of our CE's are adventure lite with HOP scenes. Being in a tired stupor this morning, I downloaded this before I realized that it is a NOT the usual CE offering. Is BF trying to play tricks with us now? You are a novelist portrayed as the usual stereotype for novelists and writers. (I GET ABSOLUTELY INFURIATED WHEN I SEE WRITERS PORTRAYED AS APPEARANCE CHALLENGED NERDY GEEKS WEARING THICK GLASSES ). Really? Is BF into stereotypes? Does J. K. Rowling look like her? I think not.

I played 5 minutes until I realized I really do not like this genre of game. I understand we have differing interests on this site, so be it! This is a definite pass for me and hopefully next week we will have some great CE games available. I won't rate this game because I don't play this type of game. And BF - not all novelists or writers look like this girl just like not all people who work at BF look like members of the fish family.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by divaprods on Aug 23, 14 1:25 PM
I liked this and I really enjoyed all the games from this dev. However, I will wait for the SE


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by AverageSizeFish on Aug 23, 14 2:20 PM
I played the game and liked it. It has lots of HOS and I liked doing them even though they are, for the most part, not very hard. They're fun and relaxing to do.

In addition to what was written above by other reviewers I noticed a thermometer tool that tells you if you're hot/cold when your cursor is near/far from an item you're looking for and rooms with up to 7 gold coins to find. Some of the objects in a scene will move a little as your cursor passes over them and occasionally this will reveal a coin.

Besides straight word lists you occasionally get a "find x number of ___" HOS also. Sometimes the word lists include a picture or silhouette as the item clue. So, while it isn't going to knock your socks off with innovation, there is some variety to the HOS.

I was thinking of getting this game when I ran into tech issues near the end of the demo period. I won't detail those here since it isn't the place and I reported them in the appropriate one. This sort of put the game into the "no-buy" category for me unfortunately. I hope those who had a better experience and chose to buy it have fun with it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by yowzasma on Aug 23, 14 2:25 PM
I played the Beta Survey and enjoyed it quite a bit I like to have some 'time-out ' from rotten skeletons and dank dungeons games that I can play for a while then close
I do have the Gardenscapes game on my desktop and will be buying this one soon As I said, I really enjoyed the Survey one and played through till the end of it & now am looking forward to playing the complete game (on & off )


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by mellowtraumatic on Aug 23, 14 4:53 PM
This is pretty standard Playrix fare. If you've enjoyed their games before (Barn Yarn, Gardenscapes, etc.) then you'll likely enjoy this one. My only real complaint about it is that someone needs to really rethink the design choices for the mansion. That is some of the most atrocious decor I've ever seen in a game. There really weren't any good choices for it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by mtvoyager on Aug 23, 14 8:10 PM
I agree about the design choices. Maybe the designers should hire an interior decorator.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by andromedon on Aug 24, 14 1:50 AM
I really didn't like the statues and fountain in the middle of the hall. I thought that they would be better outside the house.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by Pickles77 on Aug 24, 14 3:25 AM
I like all the games in this series from the Developer....but I will wait for the SE,,,do not see that this is CE worthy either.....the grapics are clear and colourful, no problem there...however, I find the music rather annoying...had to turn it off.....other than that, good game....

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by trillian on Aug 24, 14 5:37 PM
I enjoyed the Farmscapes and Gardenscapes games, and this one is the same style with the same delightfully quirky graphics and storyline.

That said, I'm very glad I tried it before buying. As with previous games, this one forces you to purchase renovation items in groups of four. Buy something in each group of four, or you can't progress with renovating no matter how much money you have.

I wasn't always thrilled with the choices in the other games, but could, for instance, find a couch I could live with so I could move on to other items.

In Manorscapes, unfortunately....the carpet.

It's not just the colours available, although I personally didn't think any of them fit with the furniture choices. The killer for me was that none of the carpets were in scale with the rest of the graphics. The depth of the carpets was almost as high as the stair risers. It just looked plunked on top of the graphics.

I don't claim to be a fancy home designer. But I do have a decent eye for ratio, and the only carpet in the game that actually worked was the beat up and disarrayed one that you start with.

Combined with the--shall we say overly bright (BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT)--carpet colours, it was all I could see when I looked at my mansion. I kept waiting for the little person to trip and land flat on her face.

My only other complaint was that whoever programmed the cat was sadly misinformed about cat behaviour. Putting a cat graphic on dog behaviour doesn't make it a cat. Too bad. They missed out on a bunch of potential for cute and funny.

If you enjoyed the other games in this family, you'll likely enjoy this one just as much. Just do yourself a favour and play the trial long enough to check out the carpet choices and see if you can live with them.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by Nagster on Aug 25, 14 4:10 AM
I like this type of game and enjoy most all of the Playrix offerings but this was not CE worthy even at the 50% off price. I got a strong sense of deja vu from a couple of the rooms--probably reused from Mansion Makeover. And does anybody really think concept art, wallpapers, and sound tracks are worth the extra $$? Bonus levels, yes, but the ones in this game weren't even new rooms.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by userfree on Aug 26, 14 6:34 PM
Oh my, take me back several years on this one BFG! i haven't seen "level complete" in a long time! I find it hard to believe this is even offered as a CE, but to each, his own. Enjoyment for some, moving on for others.

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