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Termite game--strategy guide error

[Post New]by tehuti88 on Aug 23, 14 11:52 PM
It looks like I'm going to have to skip the termite minigame in the bonus chapter (where you put blue L shapes in place to shepherd termites through a maze). I've just wasted a half hour trying to figure this out, and that's with the help of the strategy guide!

I followed the images in the strategy guide to the letter, but the last step fails. It doesn't show you where to put the second L! In the previous step it shows that you drag the second L off the game board until the termites pass through, but it doesn't show that for the last step of the puzzle. I had to assume, since there's only one L in the strategy guide image, that you do the same there and drag it off the board...but no...both termites end up going in the same hole and the minigame restarts.

I tried checking the online walkthrough for a solution--but the online walkthrough is for the standard version of the game.

I realize it's way after the fact, but there's obviously a flaw in the strategy guide. Where does the second L shape go??

Now I have to skip this game and forfeit an achievement.

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