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Level 17

[Post New]by Lildballe on Aug 26, 14 11:56 AM
No matter what I try, I don't seem to be able to finish this level in time. Could somebody PLEASE! help?

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by ChillFish on Aug 27, 14 4:45 PM
The following worked for me to finish with 2 stars:
- buy 250 wood. build, paint and sell a ranch
- build and paint 2 ranches
- build a workshop (make sure it touches only one house, build it on the end)
- buy a duplex (paint it) and a bungalow when they become available
- demolish a bungalow. build, paint and sell a ranch
- build a hospital between any two painted houses. this will give you 75 appeal.
- upgrade 2 ranches.
- since you have a workshop, inspect all houses you own after you build or purchase them.
- buy the needed amount of workers.
Hope this helps.

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by Lildballe on Sep 2, 14 10:33 AM
Thanks a lot, ChillFish. I got ONE star, but that's okay.

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by JB4510 on Oct 3, 14 5:02 AM
I had to replay this level about 12 times before I finally got three stars. The plan is simple, however it only works if you get the right plots and don't make a single mistake on your timing.

1. Buy 500 material and build a sawmill
2. Buy 1000, then 100 material, build a Victorian and sell it
3. Build a workshop, upgrade for efficiency and train two workers

The order of the remaining steps just depends on the order of houses/plots that become available for purchase:

* Purchase two houses and one empty plot
* Buy maximum amount of building materials,
* Build hospital on a plot between two houses
* Demolish houses and build two ranches

As rental income comes in, train workers as soon as you can afford them and continue upgrading ranches to three stars

*Purchase enough materials to build garden center
*Demolish Sawmill,
*Build garden center on sawmill plot
*Landscape both ranches
*Demolish Garden Center

Sorry I can't offer a more specific order. It greatly depends on the location of lots/houses that become available as your are playing.

Hope this helps

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by fallenskies on Dec 7, 14 8:44 AM
I bought all the material I could, built, upgraded once and painted a Victorian then sold it. Built my workshop, and 2 ranches. Upgraded both, painted and inspected. Bought more workers. Bought a bungalow and duplex tore both down, built a hospital and ice rink and tore down the workshop....2 stars.

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Re:Level 17

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jan 12, 15 4:11 PM
You can kill the three stars by having the following setup :
Either :
Ranch Hospital Ranch with Victorian elsewhere

or Ranch Hospital Victorian with Ranch elsewhere. All buildings painted .
That combination gives you 70 .
You can build a workshop away on one side and get upgraded workers to speed up building. Upgrade the ranches to 3 stars and paint. Destroy the workshop at the end .
This works best if there is a grouping of 3 low cost houses or at least 1 empty space with it.
1. Buy 1000 wood, build Victorian and paint it. Try and place it where there are low cost houses / space sell it.
2. Buy 2500 , build workshop and upgrade workers
3. buy or force buy plot to one side of the three group (save the middle for the hospital). Build Ranch and quickly upgrade. You may need to build and sell another Victorian if you are running short of money.
4. Build the second Ranch upgrade both ranches to three stars and paint and while building increase your workers to 15 and as doing last operation destroy the Workshop to remove all negative influence. You should finish with 75 influence.

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