Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by pondprowler on Aug 27, 14 12:37 AM
A thread for your reviews!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by nivlem007 on Aug 27, 14 1:26 AM
Another building game that is being silly with the timer and no choice to play without time limit. It plays well and the graphics are good, but I keep losing buildings I own and have not sold. It just goes black and says I do not own this building. Very eerie So again another one I would not buy. Shame they keep doing this with most having option without timer or easy, normal or hard.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by Badut on Aug 27, 14 1:59 AM
This game is great

Yes, there is a timer, but it is not a problem, since this is not a click frenzy game. It is all about strategy - about finding the right combination of buildings to reach the goal.

And you can keep playing after the timer runs out - that way you can work it out and then start over and play the level with plenty of time.

PS. Its is even possible to use new buildings in older, difficult levels - this is important in one level, that cannot be solved in gold time in other ways (he he he )

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Aug 27, 14 5:27 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Green City: Go South here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by camisinsanity on Aug 27, 14 8:02 PM
I've always enjoyed the Green City games. I like this one. Yes their is a timer but with right strategy the timer really doesn't come into play. Even if don't beat the level for gold stars you can keep playing. I like what I've seen of the story line. The one downside is that the game just moves you ahead when it wants without letting you read all of it. The buildings are a bit different in this one then the previous ones. I bought the game as its a lot of fun. I've had no problems with bugs at all either.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by laraly on Aug 28, 14 4:08 AM
I played about all green city games, and I liked those! This one is a bit different either for the locations and the type of buldings, but basically the strategy of the game is always the same! The gas station robots are wierd indeed, but fun, and the carousel is definetly out from the all concept bulding' area, (actually the gas's station too are), but I am only at level 14, and more has to come and discover, so I cannot yet give a whole rating of this time managent's game which I usually enjoy! Surely it's not the best yet!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by Vkann on Aug 29, 14 5:26 PM
These are the types of games, I would really enjoy, building luxouy accommodation for people. But I cannot keep up with these games. My hands won't work quick enough because of my disability.

Someone please help me out here.

Thanking you


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by msfelvis on Sep 1, 14 2:56 AM
I'm a fan of the Green City series. However, I'm a little disappointed that the developers have not listened to some of our suggestions, i.e., create something half the size of promenades -- may be call them flower beds or something. I hate having empty spots that I can't fill.

Also, I find this one not as challenging as the two previous ones. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

Keep these coming!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by Yaelle on Sep 2, 14 9:29 PM
Wow!! I have played hundreds of PC, Mac, console and mobile games and this is one of the most .... ohhh whats the word? strategy-havin'? lol I've seen yet.

There are so many possible ways to plan out each level that I cant believe it. And not just that, but Ive found that for MOST levels in the game, I'll spend like 15 or 20 minutes on it just to find out that I'm doing it wrong!

Yet the game is fun enough to where I don't mind demolishing a bunch of hard work & then trying to redo that level with a different strategy, sometimes even more than a couple of buildings. And this is the 1st time I've played a game where I don't mind the timer running out. I usually prefer being timed.

***the very 1st post here on this game is misleading & wrong & may cause less people to buy ---- THE TIMER DOES NOT MATTER! YOU CAN RUN OUT OF TIME AND KEEP PLAYING. SO IGNORE THAT. ***

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by chaleur on Sep 4, 14 8:39 PM
I love the idea of these Green City games, but I really dislike the level design, so I've never finished one. This one I am frustrated enough to give up much earlier than the other two. I'm not even on the second map yet.

I find the urban planning to be lots of fun, and I like the mechanics in general. I look at the level and the goals and decide how I want to lay it out and boom -- go! Great. But there's never enough time to implement my optimal solution. To make the city truly green. Instead I have to figure out the way the level designer intended me to do it (usually frustratingly sub-optimal as far as greenness goes) to get it done before the clock expires. That's just not so fun to me. It's frustrating because I just end up playing the level over and over and feeling pissed off.

Instead of designing levels where you have to figure out how to read the level designer's mind, how about levels where I'm not punished for being creative with my urban planning choices? Maybe gold could be a combination of getting it done fast and coming up with a solution that maximises green and doing it quickly.

Something anyway, to make it be that there is more than one "right" solution that you have to somehow figure out to get gold. It's just too frustrating.

PS To previous poster -- the timer may not matter to you, it does matter to me. Like many gamers I am OCD enough that if the three star time expires, I have to start again. I want to "win" the level, and I don't want to be utterly completely totally frustrated trying to do it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Green City: Go South here

[Post New]by notdeadyet on Sep 21, 14 11:51 AM
I have always liked the games in this series and this is no exception. This game is about strategy.Since I have arthritis in my hands,I can think faster than I can click.I like the fact that the timer allows me to do both.I can also do major changes in layout to meet goals without having to redo if time ends.
There are usually one or two levels with which I have trouble. I can find the answer in the forum.
The music is a bit repetitive but the graphics are good.

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