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In Cathedral, drawing square with magic wand

[Post New]by Zappy701 on Aug 28, 14 7:23 AM
Hi all,

I am PRAYING someone attempts to visit this site to help others that have just purchased this game.

I posted about the lever being missing in the dining room on the mantel and never got a reply, but now, still not finding the lever, I am in the cathedral and attempting to draw a square on the box in the balcony with the magic wand.
It says to draw a square counterclockwise, beginning with the upper left hand corner. It just won't happen. I have drawn small, medium, and large squares, have started from every different side after doing it the correct way over 50 times. I really like this game but it is getting very frustrating running into these issues and not getting an ounce of help. I've submitted help to any and every company associated with this game.

Signing off while singing: "Is there anybody out there?" (Pink Floyd)

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