Stage 5 Level 10 4 Stars

[Post New]by Lokinervio on Aug 28, 14 11:56 AM
Just finished this lovely game. I have benefitted from all the help here in the forum, to get 4 stars on every level. Thanks to everyone.

I struggled the most with 4 stars on Stage 5 Level 10.

I kept getting what I thought was everything (chums, baddies, snakes) and vanquishing the Boss, but still only 2 stars. Finally got 4 stars, so here's what I did:

I used Leatherbacks as my helper throughout.

As a general strategy, I lured the snakes (and any other baddies who were foolish enough to follow me) into the lower cavern or open houses so I could isolate them and zap them without any distractions.

Sometimes you can lure the electric eel into the lower chamber and he will stay there. This helps tremendously.

Don't wait too long to get the snakes, because they sometimes amble into the unopened houses or into Coraline's chamber, and often you can't lure them out. This is a problem if all you have left is a snake to further the game along, and you don't have enough chums to open any houses.

After blasting the snakes, or after clearing out a house, I waited in the houses or bottom chamber, instead of rushing out into the open area, to let the baddies come to me, for easier pickings.

Most of the time you can run around in a large circle to collect stuff, and avoid the Boss.

Zapping certain baddies (those fast-moving chum-stealers, for example) will trigger the appearance of more baddies.

I knew I needed 24 chums for each "house", and there are extras too. (I scored 340 each time I opened a house.)

At the end, when I had collected all the chums and all the baddies had been wiped out, all I had left was the Boss.

I didn't hit him right away, but let him "vacuum" three or four times, keeping my chums safely away. To my surprise, the Boss "spit out" several little friends!

I know that the Boss regularly spits out chums after they get sucked up, but in this case I had steered clear of him. So these chums were "extra"? Not sure.

After I collected around 7-8 "extra" chums, I finally hit him, bonked the large squids, colliected the squid chums, and then made the fatal blow to the Boss.

I had a total of 53 chums at the end, before I went to rescue Coraline.

That makes a total of 149 chums for this level, if I counted right.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this works for you.

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