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Progress and trophies not saved in all modes

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Aug 28, 14 8:35 PM
Seems that even good games can have glitches. The version of The Snow Fable that I've got doesn't save progress in certain game modes. I'm glad it saved the challenge mode trophies because those were serious toughies to win, but I've noticed that the game doesn't save progress for relaxed, fireflies, or blocks mode. I've earned the gold trophy twice in fireflies mode but each time I quit the game the trophy's gone when I restart it again. I also earned a few trophies for playing the relaxed mode for a couple of hours but all those trophies are gone as well when I last started the game up. Not only does this make the relaxed mode trophies impossible to keep but the trophies for using enough powerups and the flame helper are nearly impossible to get unless one wants to play the adventure mode say 50 times... Anyone else noticed this issue?


Re:Progress and trophies not saved in all modes

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Oct 5, 14 8:41 PM
I noticed too that progress is not saved in any mode except for Adventure and Challenge Mode. Seems really silly to have trophies in the Statistics section that only relate to Lines..Blocks...Fireflies...etc. and not have them saved once you exit the game. I was really disappointed also that I beat the Phoenix 23 out of 25 times . I was playing in relaxed mode when I beat the phoenix and then once I exited the game my statistics says I beat the Phoenix 6 times out of 25. Seems unfair not to have your progress saved in all modes except for Adventure and Challenge and then to add insult to injury any trophies you gain in any other mode except for Adventure and Challenge Mode are lost when you exit the game. I for one am not impressed and wonder if this is a glitch because why even have trophies in statistics that you gain but can not keep. Big Fish should provide a fix if it is a glitch. If this is how the game is designed then this game sucks. Adventure Mode was way too short and Challenge Mode is....well just that....A real challenge. Not sure I will continue with this game and just consider it a bad purchase. If Big Fish Moderator could comment on whether this is a glitch or not that would be cool.

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