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Last Item to Buy?

[Post New]by Sherry__Rose on Aug 30, 14 5:11 PM
A question for those of you who have completed the CE: What is the last item one can buy? I'd like to not buy some of these items, but apparently one must buy an example of everything in order to get to the next panel of items to buy, and one can't get rid of it later. Are the statues the last item, or is there another panel to buy from? What is the very last item one can buy?

Thanks much!


Re:Last Item to Buy?

[Post New]by Snippycat on Sep 2, 14 6:12 PM
The statues are the last item to buy. As soon as you purchase them, there is a book release party and you're stuck with obnoxious decorations all over the banisters for the rest of the game. I wish we had the option to skip buying some of the decorations. The fountain in the middle of the room is weird.

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