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Find vs. Give - Any real differences?

[Post New]by Jinnare on Aug 31, 14 10:10 PM
I thought that "Give" xx number of items was supposed to pull them out of your on-hand inventory if you had some there, while "Find" xx number required you to go out and "find" more instead of using your inventory even if you already had enough on hand.

However, I've had some "Give" quests that required me to go looking for more even though I had lots of them already on hand; and I had a quest today that said to "Find" items, but pulled them from what I already had in my inventory. I don't mind having them pulled from my inventory in either case, but having to go out and look for, as an example, 5 more of an item to "Give" when I have 25 already in my inventory is just frustrating.

If you have some information that might shine some light on this, I'd love to hear what you have to say. However, this is mostly just letting off steam, rather than a real request for help.

Thanks for listening.

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