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level 46?

[Post New]by ugamaggie on Sep 1, 14 2:03 PM
I can't seem to figure this one out, can someone help?


Re:level 46?

[Post New]by shykikki on Sep 1, 14 9:59 PM
M bad at explaining hope yall understand. Sorry its long explanation hope it helps
1. Buy 2 workers
2. Upgrade high rise
3. Buy two power pumping station and place it on the side of high rise->upgrade
4. Demolish two old houses beside the high rise
5. Build an arcade on the top right side and a theater beside it (left of arcade)(these two building don’t need to touch the high rise)fully upgrade, total worker 7so buy worker if u need so can upgrade simultaneously
6. Collect money->and start demolish all the old building including the apartment and build the platforms
7. Build 2 park and place additional 2 promenade below park ->upgrade
8. Sell high rise ->buy worker -> worker =10
9. Build zoo beside the park and environmental center in the lower small platform->upgrade
10. Watch money when enough $ to buy residential complex build one at the last remaining platform (on the lower right side)-> upgrade
11. Also buy high rise and demolish it and the theater and one power pump (one just below the arcade)
12. Build park lower side(where the high rise was)and small vertical promenade->upgrade
13. Build another residential complex start upgrading …it will end with 3 stars

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Re:level 46?

[Post New]by nana1021 on Sep 2, 14 4:06 PM
1 mansion is also needed to meet population requirement.
So final layout has to be

Top left : 1 residential complex, 1 arcade, 1 mansion, 1 park
Bottom left : 1 environmental center
Top right : 2 horizontal promenades, 2 fountains, 1 zoo
Bottom right : 1 residential complex

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Re:level 46?

[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Sep 11, 14 4:47 PM
Here's another fun way.

Upgrade High Rise all the way
Destroy back right building of that block
Put 2 promenades next to it and fully upgrade - really helps w/ rent
Put Cinema in top back right corner of that block and fully upgrade
Put arcade in bottom left of the right right block and upgrade prestige only as you'll destroy this
Buy multi-story whenever you can and leave it
Now just level all bad buildings when you have money and fill in flooded area
Just wait while the rent piles up enough to destroy multi and build complex on right side of right grid & then fully upgrade and put 2 promenades behind and full upgrade
Now collect money and when you have enough start building items to get this final layout

Top Left: top left park, bottom left complex fully upgraded, right side top to bottom Cinema & two arcades

Bottom left: enviro center upgraded a couple times, maybe 3

Bottom right: 2 parks upgraded twice

Watch your electricity and add some where needed

Last step: destroy arcade on top right grid and build zoo - game should be over when it finishes at just over 9 minutes

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