[Post New]by nontechiegrannie on Sep 1, 14 2:58 PM
There are no green or yellow direction buttons & NONE is written where it usually tells you what the next objective is. How am I suppose to continue the game????



[Post New]by desktopgaming on Sep 3, 14 1:02 PM
Hello nontechiegrannie,

First off, you've completed story mode. Which is why you can't go any further. There is an end-of-game sequence, but a bug meant that it didn't play if you got to the final level then quit out of the game and return to it later.

I did release an update to fix this (and several other changes) less than two weeks after the original release - but I know of a few people who apparently didn't get informed of the update via Big Fish Game Manager, which I gather is what usually happens (I don't have control over that side of things).

The update is detailed in a thread at the top of the Crime Solitaire 2 forum and was released over three weeks ago - I'm really sorry you didn't get informed of it thru Game Manager - hopefully someone from Big Fish will be along shortly to talk you through getting the update if Game Manager hasn't done it by itself. Or you could email support - they're really good and quick at this stuff.

Thanks for playing. Oh, and if you'd like to know what happened to the gang at the end of the game and don't want to play through it all again after getting the update to find out, drop me a private message and I'll fill in the blanks.

Desktop Gaming
(programmer, Crime Solitaire 2)

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