Waiting..critical bug

[Post New]by kentstate12 on Sep 1, 14 5:22 PM
This bug happens seemingly at random during a game, seen it during a tournament and during heads up play with a boss. At some point, when clicked upon, all players will say they are waiting to continue regardless if they have called, bet, etc.

I've seen this bug twice, and the ONLY good thing is you can leave the table in the worst position possible so if you are in a tournament w/3 people when the Waiting bug occurs, you may leave in 3rd place and you can still return to the game since that is your only option.

However, sometimes if you just leave the game on for awhile and quit and try again it will work again. BUT, the safest thing appears to be you need to play an entire card game, tournament or heads up, and it shouldn't freeze, at least I haven't seen it yet. Just DON'T stop playing once you start a game, even for a minute!

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