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Game Mechanic Decisions

[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Sep 1, 14 8:21 PM
I was reading the forum of another FTP game (MC), which has also become plagued with the same recalculating of payouts, drop rate issues, and high fees that AK has been dealing with over the last few updates..

BFG moderator states:

We do our best to get the game working as smoothly as possible, and we also want it to be something you all enjoy. We at Big Fish do get to forward feedback to the devs, but ultimately, the mechanics behind the game, such as drop rates and the number of coins earned from scenes or from selling items, are at the discretion of the devs.

We are working with them to get things more balanced, and we do appreciate the feedback and input you all provide. We wouldn't have gotten the game this far without all of you

Makes you start to wonder what's really going on in the FTP market? Who's really in charge of the game. We've been led to believe that the payment decisions rest on BFG's shoulders, but based on the above, is that really true?

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