Level 7-8. New Path...

[Post New]by Arbitare on Sep 5, 14 3:17 AM
I discover an extra path in the level 7-8, but it hasn't got any sense. The level start with Birdy under an arrow between 2 stars changing black for a while. You have to get the left star until a red rope. Then, you have to get a star near a green wall and after that jump to the bubble and fly higher until the arrow which you turn left down. Pop the 3 clouds before get the arrow. Jump to the right using the switch to get the star when it becomes yellow. Bounce in the grey rope to break it and get into a bubble. Don't burst it, let it gets higher until a group of three ropes and a switch. Pop the cloud, jump to the left using the switch. Then jump to the grey rope on the right and bounce to break it to get into a new bubble where was the other before and use the fans to keep going. But, I don't get the point to do this path because you don't get any star and if you don't take this path you can even get the eight stars. So, what's the point to make this path?


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