Sable Maze Forbidden Garden

[Post New]by rozdav1946 on Sep 5, 14 10:05 AM
I am completely stuck, when I press the hint button it says there is nothing else to do here check your inventory but there is nothing there that I can use. I have been back to the start but it just keeps saying the same thing. Can anybody help, please

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Re:Sable Maze Forbidden Garden

[Post New]by dollyflower on Sep 20, 14 8:08 PM
Exactly where are you in the game?


Re:Sable Maze Forbidden Garden

[Post New]by gaemrgirl1975 on Nov 1, 14 12:47 PM
same here exactly and i am looking at the walkthrough and i have the game open and i am at the portal and the little hole to the left i cant do nothing with cant even get the bow that is supposedly there major glitch i think

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