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Friends of Etta usa

[Post New]by memagirl on Sep 7, 14 9:03 PM
I am not quieting the game just taking a break. will let every one know when i am coming back. thinks for all your help

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Re:Friends of Etta usa

[Post New]by SARAHBEE on Sep 7, 14 9:28 PM
Thanks for letting us know memagirl, will make sure I have a couple of goodies saved for your return

Sarah Bee
SarahWasSarah in the castle


Re:Friends of Etta usa

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Sep 7, 14 10:04 PM
It's good to know that you're OK. When I didn't see a wishlist for you I wondered, especially since you gifted me so recently.



Re:Friends of Etta usa

[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Sep 8, 14 12:25 AM
A break is good, but I will be expecting you to come back refreshed, and ready for the battle again.

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