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Taking pictures to earn achievement

[Post New]by Mary_Cate on Sep 10, 14 7:06 PM
For anyone just starting this game, I wanted to share a little hint that was rather unclear (at least to me). In the game you have a camera that you are supposed to use each time you enter a scene. It gives you a save point for your map but there is also an achievement for taking a picture of every scene and room in the game. What I didn't realize until over halfway through the game: that includes all the hidden object scenes and puzzle closeups as well. I am a stickler for getting all achievements but since I had already started over twice thanks to accidentally clicking the massively intrusive hint button, I wasn't about to go again. I'll try somewhere down the line to replay as it was an enjoyable game. I just wanted to make it clear for anyone else playing who didn't realize as I did.

Another point not mentioned anywhere that I found. There are at least 2 additional items for your cat found in the bonus game. They are not mentioned with the other items in the strategy guide; I found them by accident.

Good luck and happy gaming to all.

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