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Level 33

[Post New]by ugamaggie on Sep 11, 14 2:12 PM
I have silver, but can't quite get gold. Can anyone help me with this one?

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by marebito on Sep 11, 14 10:25 PM
This is the layout I used for this level:

Mansion -- 2 V. Proms
Arcade -- V. Prom

Cinema--V. Prom

Multi -- V. Prom

Note: While I tried noting them down, watch for when you opportunities to build and upgrade promenades. Be flexible about steps as they may meld together when upgrading.

1. Hire 1 worker. Raise top 2 plots at top right.
2. Build Hydro at top right (I place it 1 square down to orient bottom fountain placement).
3. Repair cinema and demolish carousel. Upgrade cinema to max.
4. Buy two suburbans, demolish them, and replace with an arcade. Upgrade. Build promenades next to arcade and cinema and upgrade to max.
5. Hire a worker and build a cottage in the square where the carousel used to be and upgrade to max. Build and upgrade the promenade next to the multi at the right. Restore the remaining two building plots
6. Buy two multis at top left. When you have the funds for a mansion, demolish the two multis and replace with a mansion and 2 promenades next to it. Upgrade prestige to max and energy twice (Hire workers as needed)
7. Buy the abandoned house and demolish it. Build a multi and park above the cinema and upgrade energy once.
9. Build a fountain above the right multi and demolish the hydro. Replace hydro with a fountain and upgrade remaining prestige on buildings, parks, etc.

GL and hope it works for you.

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by Brackenlady on Sep 13, 14 11:14 PM
An alternative way.

Hire one worker; raise plots at top right and build hydro.

Repair cinema and carousel. Buy and demolish the two suburbans and build multi.
Gradually fully upgrade everything, eco first. Buy an additional worker at some point to help with this.

When you have enough money, buy the middle multi, demolish and replace with arcade and promenade. Fully upgrade.

When you have the money buy the abandoned cottage and demolish. Wait until you have enough money (not very long as money is pouring in now) build and upgrade a mansion. Build and upgrade promenades alongside mansion and cinema as you do this adding additional workers as needed.

Buy remaining multis and upgrade; add promenade to lower right multi.

At same time raise remaining flooded plots and build fountain. Demolish hydro and build second fountain. Upgrade as needed. You can also demolish the carousel to speed the acquisition of eco points.

This should finish in gold time without problem.


Re:Level 33

[Post New]by Michelles_Bells on Nov 19, 14 9:29 AM
Thanks brackenlady!!!

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