I am stuck in the foyer!

[Post New]by AllieDavis on Sep 12, 14 12:53 PM
When I try to exit out the front door after turning the key and entering, the voices say, "Can you help us?" and "You must stay." I am forcibly pushed back into the house. Although other areas of the house have electricity (after a long and fruitless expedition that led me everywhere BUT the front door) I haven't found how to turn anything on or do anything but open the front door. With no electricity, I can't move deeper into the house, and I'm not being given the option to search anything. How do I get out of the house or at least to the place where the "mains" are??? I've started two new games and still can't get out of the house!


Re:I am stuck in the foyer!

[Post New]by blindmonkey on Dec 6, 14 5:01 AM
The mains are at the front door !!! While facing the front door look to your left,the little box on the wall are the "Mains",open box and flip the electric on !!

Hope that helps you ...Happy Gaming !!

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