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Level 34 - 3 stars

[Post New]by chardra on Sep 13, 14 9:03 AM
I have tried everything & can't seem to get this. Any hints?

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Re:Level 34 - 3 stars

[Post New]by JB4510 on Oct 13, 14 5:01 AM
I'm also stuck on this level trying to earn three stars. Did you ever figure it out?

I'm surprised there is no other post regarding this level. Maybe I am overthinking it?

I know on the other BaL games, there were levels in which you could not build sawmill, workshop, etc. and still make the time goal. I'm wondering if this might be one of those levels.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Re:Level 34 - 3 stars

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 21, 14 6:18 AM
Here is how I got 2 stars. Is there anyone that has gotten 3 stars what am I doing wrong?

Build sawmill
wait a second and then get 2500 wood
Build ranch paint it and then sell
build workshop
buy efficiency and 3 men
build hotel paint
build garden shop
put garden on hotel and then sell
start building 4 lodges with 3 stars then paint and gardens
keep building other houses and paint and gardens on them
Keep the zoned areas free for the 2 solor towers you need
tear down sawmill and workshop garden center if need be

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Re:Level 34 - 3 stars

[Post New]by chardra on Nov 27, 14 12:09 PM
LOL....Still stuck on this level...started playing my other build-a-lots since I got so frustrated


Re:Level 34 - 3 stars

[Post New]by Jessums on Nov 30, 14 4:26 PM
I got 3 stars! It took forever, but now I can do it pretty consistently by doing this:
*paint 1 craftsman, tear down 1 craftsman, sell painted craftsman
(Buy lots as they become available)
*paint 2nd craftsman, tear down a craftsman, sell 2nd painted craftsman
*build a workshop, buy 250 in material while you are building
*build sawmill
*once workshop is done, buy 3 more workers and get efficiency training
(If zoned lodge becomes available, but it and demolish)
*once sawmill is done, buy 5000 materials
*build hotel, paint and sell
*build garden center
*buy more workers (at least 12) and 5000 materials
*buy, paint and landscape bungalows as they become available
*buy and demolish the zoned lodge and the zoned craftsman
*build 4 lodges (pay double for more lots if you need to), upgrade them, paint and landscape them
*build 2 solar towers on the vacant zoned lots (where the craftsman and lodge were)
*tear down your sawmill, garden center and lastly the workshop if you have to.

That should be all you need to easily get 2 stars and you can get 3 with a little time left over if you get the hang of it.. Good luck!

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