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no money for flowers! pattern

[Post New]by 4tinynana on Sep 13, 14 11:17 PM
I have noticed that I don't get my $10 for flowers if I go for the 6th flower immediately, If I pause to register the 5th then grab the 6th, then I get my money & have 1 flower.


Re:no money for flowers! pattern

[Post New]by DecipherWarlord on Sep 13, 14 11:45 PM
Just luck really, because wether I get them all one by one or all at once and it goes beyond five, I get my gold much more often than not.


Re:no money for flowers! pattern

[Post New]by mommahunee on Sep 14, 14 8:06 AM
It's not just going for the 6th flower, I find. If I click that 5th flower then zoom in to a HOS or one of the Zoom scenes before the money comes swooshing into scene, I find that I get the sound but not the image.

BTW, I've been watching the $$ value and I think I'm still getting paid for the flowers, I just don't get the visual confirmation with the coin graphics.

I also find that if I hit that 5th flower and move to the next room before the graphic, when I go back to the room where I hit that 5th flower, I get the image and the $$ show up.

I've learned to just slow down when I hit #5 and not leave the room/scene before the graphic. I just click too fast, sometimes.

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