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Where is the sign of the predator please?

[Post New]by Vstromval on Sep 14, 14 7:22 AM
I am stuck on level ten because I cannot find the sign if predator. The link takes me to the belfry, but I win other items. Is this another glitch, or am I just not fast enough.,

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Re:Where is the sign of the predator please?

[Post New]by Welsh_wizard23 on Sep 14, 14 7:51 AM
Gifts from HOS are "random" but if you require the Sign of Predator for a quest then it should appear.
Speed should not affect the gift you receive.

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Re:Where is the sign of the predator please?

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Sep 14, 14 8:03 AM
The Sign of Predator is indeed in the Belfry. Like mentioned before - what you get out of the HOS from searching is purely random and unpredictable. Keep going to the Belfry and you will eventually get what you need.

If, however, you're willing you can purchase one from the Ravenstone.

*Click on the Ravenstone on the ground at Anabels feet.
*Click the diamond icon above the Sign of Predator above the image and you will have purchased it for the cost of 3 diamonds.
*Back out (exit) of the Ravenstone without opening it up.
*Now the Sign of Predator is in your inventory to use where you need it.

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Re:Where is the sign of the predator please?

[Post New]by sportsvine on Sep 14, 14 8:24 AM
If you use the "find" method you should get the item you need every single time. How to employ the "find" method:

1)Click the character that your want to do a quest with. 2)Click the quest that you are attempting. 3)Click the item that you want to attempt to get. 4)The game may prompt you directly to one of three types of places a)directly to a HOS where you collect all the items and you will be rewarded with the item of your intentions b)a zoom zone that requires any number of certain items- from here click the item you need and it takes you to HOS, or c)required craft which will likely require zoom zone activations which ultimately may require several trips to HOS' often the same HOS several times.

HOWEVER, if you have accepted tasks from other characters at the same time, the items you receive from HOS' may be needed for one of the other characters tasks, but you should ALAWYS receive an item needed for tasks of any character's quests you have currently accepted.

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