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Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Sep 17, 14 12:35 AM
A thread for your reviews

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by LovetoMissLisa on Sep 17, 14 2:55 AM
This is a sequel to a Series. Be sure to check out the first one..."9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek". I am a fan of these "Detective" type of games. Even though many will think the graphics and animations are out dated. I love them!

I don't like to give the storyline...as I don't like to give it away. Always try a game for yourself. Even when the reviews or video don't strike your fancy. This is the only true way to see if you will like a game or not. This one is MOST DEFINITELY worth your time. Once again IMO

I found the graphics and animations to be quit beautiful. IMO And these are some of my favorite types of games...being a Detective. Old school or new school style graphics & animations. This Developer have put out some other great games! And this is another great game!

Yes: Voice overs
Yes: Widescreen/Full Screen Choice
Yes: Diary
Yes: Jumping Map
42 Locations
18 Mini Games
Sound: Music/Voice/Effects
Cursor Options
Theme: Mystery Suspense: Your the Detective...Solve the Crime

I rate this game: “PIGLET”

“These are my terms for Hogs, I Hogs, frogs & Adventure games.

The absolute best of the best! It has everything you want in a game and things you didn’t know you wanted in a game.
It is a rare beauty and a must have! Beyond expectations! I really love it!

Great game! Best graphics and storyline. All the bells and whistles! The best and greatest of games! I love it!

Good game. I like these little gems! This game is for true lovers of these types of games.

May be a likable game for some, but not for everyone. It’s just mediocre.

Don't run away with this pig’s foot. LOL

Rolling in the mud! Don’t go near it or you'll get soiled.
‘ ‘

janspack wrote:Just thought I'd mention that you get given the map shortly after you get to the asylum and it does allow you to jump to the various locations.

Edited for correction update: Thanks janspack! For the new info. Always appreciated when it's done in a positive way.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by mamajay on Sep 17, 14 3:10 AM
This is indeed a well made game. But, even though I already had an idea of what to expect in the game story-wise, I'm afraid it just got tooo creepy for me, lol.

I think I probably played about half an hour of the demo time.

The game does play beautifully, the graphics are clear and sharp, and the voices are very good. The sound effects and music also seemed to fit the story as well.

So don't be bothered by my negative reaction (I usually avoid the real creepy games these days), and try the game for yourself.

I do have the earlier 9 Clues games, and I do remember enjoying them - just not today, lol.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Sep 17, 14 3:11 AM
I really enjoyed the first game in this series, 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek. Although I recommend playing that game too, since it is really fun, it doesn't seem as if you need to have played Serpent Creek to enjoy The Ward since they take place in different settings. I am also a fan of the developer, and I bought The Ward without trying it first and I am not disappointed that I did. I am a couple of hours into the game and I think It is different. It's also been a while since I played a good mental asylum game, and I used to enjoy those kinds of games a lot until they were overdone. This one is different though, as far as I can tell there are no tortured spirits that you need to save, which became quite cliche in games with this setting.

In The Ward, you are a detective and with your partner you are investigating a murder mystery that happened at an asylum and are on the trail of a serial killer. There are weird things going on, but it is hard to tell if they are being caused by a human or a supernatural being. I stopped playing after a couple of hours to take a break, but I am intrigued about what will happen next and am glad I purchased the game. I got it for only $3.49 because of the sale today and I think it was a fair price for the game since it is well made. This developer always puts out high quality games, and that has to do with why I am a fan.

The story is unusual, and it also has some hidden object scenes that vary from other games since they involve looking for clues to help solve the mystery and are not just a list of objects (the first game in the series also has these kinds of hidden object scenes, which makes them unique to the series). The puzzles aren't too different from the norm thus far, nor are they too challenging, but I think they are fun. There is also an option to switch between doing a hidden object scene and playing mahjong and I like that since I think that doing too many hidden objects scenes in a game can get monotonous. Not sure about the length yet, since I haven't finished, but if it is on the short side this would be a good game to get as part of today's sale or with a punch card credit because it is fun and offers something that is different from the norm.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by margit50 on Sep 17, 14 4:11 AM
A little ways into the game you get a map. I am not sure if it can be used to jump. I am locked in the basement, and haven't got out yet. This will be a buy for me.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by mrm2006 on Sep 17, 14 4:43 AM
NO NO NO NO NO NO! The Demo CAN'T be over yet!!!!!!!

Loved, loved, loved this game. Just when I thought I would become disinterested, BAM! Something twisty and turny and weird and suspensefully wonderful happens.

As usual, a more detailed review will be posted, sometime LOL, on the actual game page. Feel free to jump on over there, read my very detailed review and give me a

If you dislike creepy dolls (and I mean SERIOUSLY creepy dolls) , anything to do with possible suicide (really? suicide?) or murder via being pushed out windows or being thrown off high places (really? Did that happen?) this game is definitely not for you. Just sayin'.

I loved that you had to find 9 clues in certain location AND then you had to search said location for inventory items. Double whammy! And weird, creepy visions? OH MY!!!! Also, be warned - when you find the 9 clues in said locations, then put together those clues in the correct sequence to indicate the "event" that happened there from beginning to end - when it's shown it's very flashy - irritating. Disliked THAT a LOT!

There are HOGs, but it is NOT HOG heavy. And the mini games? Very innovative, fresh and new ideas and some need patience, patience, patience (is a virtue - sorry, had to go there - lol) and perseverance . Please, don't give up because they are FUN!

This game is definitely a keeper for me. May not be very long as I found 2 of the 9 clues during the hour demo. The previous 9 Clues game wasn't very long either but, so far, this one tops the previous one by leaps and bounds.

I hope this encourages you to try the demo (and catch my review on the game page ). Purchasing is always a personal choice. And, please, don't bash me because my reviews are long or because I like/love the game.

Thank you and .... Happy Gaming!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Sep 17, 14 4:48 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on 9 Clues: The Ward here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

Review Guidelines

1) Be sure to keep your reviews on-topic. Reviews in this thread should only be commenting on 9 Clues: The Ward .
2) Be respectful of the reviewers. Please keep in mind our Forum Rules and be respectful of our reviewers. They take the time to post here to be helpful. Please do not review the reviews of others.
3) Do not respond to someone else’s reviews with questions or comments If you have any feedback about a review, or you feel that a review contains incorrect details about the game, please contact the poster directly via PM.
4) Do not review developers. While we do appreciate your feedback, we’d ask that you keep your posts in this thread dedicated to the specific game at hand.

*Moderators will be removing any content in this thread that is not a review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Sep 17, 14 7:05 AM
Just finished the game. I would guess that I played for about 5 hours, but I am not the fastest player so some people might be able to finish it in 4 hours or less. It would be a good game to buy with the sale today or use a punch card credit if you think the length will be too short for you but still want to give it a try. I think it is worth trying. The story was different from other games and very engrossing. It kept me interested the whole time.

One more thing I wanted to mention is that there are a lot of hidden object scenes in the game. It may not seem like there are based on just playing the free trial, but the further you move along the more prevalent they become. If doing lots of hidden object scenes close together annoys you, then you might not like this game. I do not like doing lots of hidden object scenes close together, and I prefer doing lots of puzzles instead, but the fact that you could switch between finding hidden objects and playing mahjong made the fact that the game suddenly became hidden object heavy more tolerable for me.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by janspack on Sep 17, 14 8:30 AM
Just thought I'd mention that you get given the map shortly after you get to the asylum and it does allow you to jump to the various locations.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 17, 14 2:06 PM
I am so happy that I finally found a CREEPY game!

I've only played part of the demo and I am ready to buy. I'm glad there is such a good sale today because I do not want to wait.

I like being able to switch from HOS to Mahjong. I was a bit confused about all the question marks and looking over the office but it was explained and makes sense now.

Graphics are pretty good, not excellent. Game play is smooth. I noticed a bit of a problem with dialogue. Sometimes you can click through and sometimes you can't and a couple of times someone talked but I missed what they said. One even appeared and disappeared and must have said something but I don't know what. I think that is a problem with my computer because it's not just this game.

I don't remember playing the other "9 Clues" game but I bought it over a year ago so I'm going to check that one, too.

If you are not into creepy, please be forewarned. This game is creepy. CREEPY creepy!

Off to buy.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Sep 17, 14 5:00 PM

It is again Hump Day and instead of having our usual leftover dinner, we are being "taken out" of our usual humdrum and treated to special treat, a nice creepy game from one of the BEST devs on this site, World of Art. What a nice surprise - or is it? My advice is - if someone is being very nice to you - WATCH OUT! I think the knives are out on this one - and probably not to cut a piece of cake.

We have another "whodunnit." You play a detective called in on a case involving the murder of a psychiatrist, Professor Crow. As you speak with Nurse Kreuz, you see the psychiatrist fall out of an upper story window. Well, that is one way to get out of seeing patients. Through retrospection you realize it was a murder. Sleuthing around a rundown asylum you meet weirdly strange characters, including the two nurses. Does their seemingly sweet demeanor hide a rather nasty side? After all - too much sweetness can ruin a girl's figure in more ways than one. Didn't I see duct tape hiding in their locker during one of the HOP scenes? There are so many things you can do with duct tape. Then there is Mad Gordon who is locked up in a room in the basement. You soon begin to have visions concerning this creepy place - one being a dark shadowy figure who probably has more in mind than playing Mah Jong with you. And, who is Ginger - maybe the nurse or is she a redhead with a flaming temper and does she have murder on her mind? Jumping out at you are the mannequins with their seemingly blank stares.

This is such a creepily nice game. Hey - it is a fantastic offer for a coupon game. The graphics are phenomenal, consistent with this dev. The HOP scenes are somewhat interactive. The puzzles were unique. Others have stated that this is a consistent barrage of HOP scenes. I thought it was an equal mix. You get a map shortly after speaking with Nurse Kreuz. The "muzac" is okay and doesn't interfere with the game.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by NancySusan on Sep 17, 14 6:09 PM
Whoa, something is going on with this website today. Anyway, now that BF has decided I'm signed in, to my great surprise, I have to say I liked this game. There was only one thing I didn't like and that was the mini-game where you find various clues in a room (which was kind of fun) but then asks you to decipher in what order actions took place, and good luck with that, although the replay of the actions was fun to watch. Other than that slight weirdness, the rest of the game was fun, interesting, quirky, and I really liked that an actual British actor did one of the voiceovers. The music was suitably creepy, and yeah, it's not an enormously innovative game, but what they did do with it was fun. I mostly did mah jong the times that HOP's came up, and as someone warned that there were more as the game went on, I guess I'll be going back and forth, but I liked the mah jong. For 1954, Dr. Kreuz (I think she was a doctor) has a mid-1960's dress length and so does the nurse, but other than that, the place is so run-down and decrepit, that my usual complaints about out of period dress are virtually meaningless, since there's so little of it. I.e., dress. I'm using a PPC for this and glad of it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Sep 17, 14 7:16 PM
Hi all. Well a second edition to the 9 Clues games and yes, I do have the first one as well. The graphics are nicely done. Animation isn't too bad, a bit choppy now and then, but it seems to fit this game well. Colors are clean and true. Voice overs are very well done and actually have a little emotion to them, rather than just reading a script. I like how they have different accents to fit the character's name, e.g. if you have a German name, you have a German accent. Music is nice, but not constant. Very nice sound FX, but otherwise a fairly quiet game. You can "click" through dialog if you read faster than they speak, which I especially like.

I think maybe I was a detective in another life, because I like this sort of game. Makes you think and doesn't just walk you through it. Yes, you gather clues in "clue mode" and then put them together in the order that they happened. At that time, the detective verbally tells you what they think happened. Breaks up how the HOPs are done. Make sure you do a thorough search of each area before moving on. There is a jump map that is quite helpful, as you do a lot of running in this game. Areas are well identified and areas of interest are marked accordingly. Regular HOPs are interactive and well done. Items are not difficult to find and scenes are pretty clear of clutter. You can switch to a Mahjong game, but I prefer the HOPs myself. Puzzles are not difficult and so far I haven't found any that took very long to complete. Hint system fills very quickly and is quite helpful.

I think there is enough in this game to keep you moving and interested. You don't want to skip any dialog, especially during the clues. They do help you through the game. This is an asylum (familiar), so there are lots of noises and things that jump out at you. You will also see murder and mayhem. So, if you don't like that sort of thing, you won't like this game. It wasn't really gory at all, more of a hint and sound than actually seeing something bad happen, at least during the demo. Don't know how long this one might be, but I only found 2 clues during the demo so now I have to play it out and see what the other 7 might be. This is a nice SE and one that I enjoy playing. I think any level of player would find this one entertaining. A buy for me.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by roaming on Sep 17, 14 9:23 PM
One reviewer says, "NOT HOG heavy," but another says, "a lot of hidden object scenes." Guess I'll have to try it out to see who is right, hopefully the latter. I also hope it isn't puzzle/ mini-game heavy. Even more, I hope the skip button activates quickly.

ETA: With 15 minutes of the demo left, I gave it up, utterly bored with the whole thing, especially after entering the second "detective mode" piece of gimmicky foolishness.

The game is definitely NOT HOS heavy, rather it is puzzle/ mini-game heavy. The skip button takes exactly 60 seconds to fill in the easiest mode, and there is no custom option to shorten the wait time.

For those who don't like HOS, you can play mahjong instead. Why is there never any option to play mahjong if you don't like puzzles and mini-games?

I'm not sure of all the reasons I found the game so boring, but maybe it was simply because the whole thing seemed to be so very contrived.

Sorry, Arty Effects. I won't be buying this one.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by abarrett on Sep 17, 14 9:46 PM
This game is a nice change of pace from the fantasy/fairytale/portal storyline in pink, blue and purple colors and an animal/imp/elf helper because there is none of that in this game. I think that there have been other games in the past that were creepier, but this seems to be a very good mystery game. I might just take advantage of the sale.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by mai66 on Sep 18, 14 12:27 AM
Not my type of game. Lasted 30 min, then deleted. The scenes where I find these 9 clues is okay, but then the speaker (my self) talks me through the 9 steps, as if I was a child irritates me.
The pace of the game was too slow. To much talking/thinking loud to my self.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by roxycavalier on Sep 18, 14 12:31 AM
Great Game! Does anyone remember the coupon code for yesterdays sale ?

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by endofmonth on Sep 18, 14 8:52 AM
Great animation (not those awful uncanny-valley figures). Fun game play. Great voices EXCEPT for the female detective -- supposed to be the player, I guess. Gahhh, she's awful.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by arthurC on Sep 18, 14 8:55 AM
I didn't think it was too short at all .. Personally, I find many of the collectors editions far TOO long .. I get to the stage with some of them where I wish the damn things would just end! This one was just the right length for me.

This was the BEST game I've played for quite a while .. you can keep all your 'portals', 'magical kingdoms' and cute furry helpers.. you can't beat a good old who-dunnit in a lunatic asylum!

Excellent game. Now I'm off to buy the first in the series.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for 9 Clues: The Ward here

[Post New]by shripch on Sep 18, 14 10:28 AM
Oh sunny day, I am happy as a blue jay! I needed a break from witches, demons, and cute animal helpers. I had just resolved to wait out the recent spate of such fare until someone developed a good old-fashioned who done it (with a scare factor that's WOW) and this comes along! Bought it 15 minutes into the trial. This developer makes the BEST SEs around and deserves our support. If I don't already have all of their games, I will soon rectify that.

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