ship compass not working on iPad air

[Post New]by pspowart on Sep 17, 14 9:59 AM
I am playing the game on a new iPad air

when attempting to push button 135 on the compass in the ships tunnel the compass fills the screen and only one button (the wrong one) is visible. I have charged the battery in the light house and have tried approaching the compass from many angles, but it always fills the screen so that the buttons are not accessible. No matter where I touch the compass, it sets off the alarm and the room goes dark.

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Re:ship compass not working on iPad air

[Post New]by jolarti on Mar 11, 15 8:33 PM
The actual makers of the game (Cyan) are the ones who are responsible for their game in the AppStore - it hasn't been put there by Big Fish so they can't help you here.

But Cyan has its own support forums and something called a 'knowledge base' where you can submit customer support tickets.
Try it, it works!

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