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Level 25 tough for me

[Post New]by jgehrke on Sep 17, 14 12:03 PM
I was doing fine until level 25 and I have failed that level a bunch. The vines grow quick, and the bottom is not nice for easy matches? Any advice friendly fishes?

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Re:Level 25 tough for me

[Post New]by read61 on Feb 2, 15 8:57 AM
Posting in here as it's the only unlocked thread in this forum. I was all set to get this one until I discovered (a) when I exited to buy my game manager had completely disappeared, had to shut down and restart to recover it; and (b) even though I played a good half of the demo I still have the full demo left. With issues like those I think I'll give it a miss. Don't need any more computer problems, thank you very much. And why are all the threads locked? Doesn't BFG want any input from members on this game?

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Not want game for free.

[Post New]by Cards13 on Feb 2, 15 10:47 AM
This is the $2.99 special for February 2, 2015 & even for free I would not want this game.

The TM building part of the game is a joke and early in the demo is a hidden object rock thing (?) where I am wasting my demo time waiting for the skip bar to fill - I am suppose to find something to fill the eye holes I assume but the hint takes too long to refill also. I could over look the hidden object portion if the rest was ok but to waste your demo for a "take too long" skip button is just plain silly.

I admit my "review" is based only on the demo but I suspect the reason the other folders are locked is management does not want any review for this game.

Save you funds - do not even bother to demo this game.

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Re:Level 25 tough for me

[Post New]by Scobeaux on Feb 2, 15 1:53 PM
For what it is worth, I have had no technical issues with this game and so far I like it a lot.

They key to dealing with the vine levels, which to me are quite difficult, is to start near where the vines are generating and try to get rid of the blue squares that get covered by the vines. You can use your power-ups to help with this. It doesn't matter if the vines grow to cover areas that aren't blue. And make sure the vines don't grow where they block the symbols from falling and create a blank space.

I too don't get why all the threads are locked. I have been running into this more and more recently - on many forums there are almost no unlocked threads.

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