They Used Mistaken Word (Pestle)

[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Sep 18, 14 10:11 PM
A small point, but at one point in the game, they used the wrong word. With a mortar and pestle, the mortar is the bowl and the pestle is the stirring item. In the game they refer to the bowl as a pestle, but it's not a pestle, it's a mortar.

And that's it. haha

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Re:They Used Mistaken Word (Pestle)

[Post New]by tookat on Sep 21, 14 1:40 AM
I wish I could get even something as small as a dime for every item given an incorrect name that I have encountered.

The first time, I was driving myself nuts looking for a "sand glass"; it was what that company chose to call an hour glass.
Nowadays, I simply look for what the item I question "might be" and have a good laugh over it.

I also have a good laugh over everything used in an impossible or unsafe way.
Tonight I lit an oil lamp, sitting on hay or straw....and with a flint and strike....something that clearly invites a bad fire.
I have seen fireflies used to light nauseum......and think it would make a fun project to list all the peculiarities found in the games.

Some people say all this pisses them off or drives them crazy and I certainly hope it doesn't because it would be very, very bad for their blood pressure if they took offense at everything that is nonsensical.

Last night, I started to get angry about the hodgepodge of items put together to create a specious "indian" culture for the Fierce Tales, because there is so very much wrong there.....and was very wrong from an entirely different company for another gamer's "Myths of the World"....Because this involves real people of the Native Americans, I got angry at the disrespect......but, I thought about the entire muddle of thinking that brings us these games, and the worst I can say is....that I wish the Devs would research the cultures involved or stick to imaginary worlds....and let us know that it is a parallel Universe, because I would probably have banged my head against the desk every time I saw something referring to the snow leopards as being in North America....period....or that a leopard cub would be used pick up an item in frigid cold water that the human found too cold to go into.

I thought about it and elected for sanity in myself, because I can only regulate my own reactions to the games and not what the Devs choose to do.
Heck, If I could, I already would have changed the minds of all the devs that HOGS that are not random in their settings....and their answers DO belong in SGs, just as the full step by step directions on how to solve a puzzle should be included for any game that is not completely random

ok....I should not be using your thread to get up on my sandbox so, I will say, Sorry I did that Dominick_Fontana.....because you did have the grace to do what I feel is sane, and to laugh off the error.

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Re:They Used Mistaken Word (Pestle)

[Post New]by tookat on Sep 21, 14 1:53 AM
Oh wow!

That was really long, wasn't it!?

My apologies to everyone for getting up on a soap box....but, we are all, in our own ways, as culpable as anyone else for the climate in the Forums....
.....and, we can choose whether to flame, rant......or whatever, just as much as the Devs can choose not to research Indigenous Cultures and make a hodgepodge of wow, I think I counted at least six or seven different types of buildings, sculpture and other "ethnic" trappings that came from literally around the world....but sure as heck not many of them being the domain of the snow leopard.

Now, I am going to wander off and meditate and see if I can understand why it was so important for me to go off into a rant.....because Dominick_Fontana had every right to comment on mortar and pestle being used wrongly.....and has every right to be angry about it.....or to laugh over it like I generally do.

I will say, that when I was not feeling bewildered by all the inconsistencies in Fierce Creatures, that I still would have bought it, because I enjoyed the game play when I demoed it and when I beta'd it......but I did not play long enough to find out WHY the big cats were acting as they did......or the company would have gotten some choice words from me.

Ah, and my apologies to the folks who made Shrouded Tales for ranting about something that does not pertain to their game....I hope.
I did not find anything in their game by the end of my demo of it, that would cause me to go into freefall.

Maybe, it is just the Dark of Moon getting to me.

Happy, Sane Gaming everyone.

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