sluggish tanks

[Post New]by kittyb03774 on Sep 20, 14 8:45 AM
on level 75, I have an extremely hard time with most tanks on my Mac 10.6.8 computer becoming so sluggish that you can't just pick up the sponge and quickly clean the tank nor can you easily pick up the food to feed the fish.

I have all the trophies for the first 10 tanks and 12 fish in each tank. 4 tanks I have no problem with the others just forget it.

I have reached level 547 in the searching games and have no problem there....just tank access....even the fish just seem to take forever to go from one side to the other. I tried removing some items and put them in the chest to transfer to other tanks, but it takes away 1 or 2 trophies in the process.

Any ideas?

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