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Hints and tips for playing

[Post New]by bfgLianorm on Sep 20, 14 10:10 AM
Hey Everyone,

When I went to play Word Explorer, I did notice a few things with the game that weren't as clear as they probably could have been and wanted to list out some things that I though might be helpful.

As the game starts, on the Welcome page, a quick description of the game and how to play is shown.

"The worlds biggest word game. Solve Anagrams by sliding letters into the correct order."

(I really didn't pay much attention to that the first time around, and ended up just clicking past it.)

The other helpful tip is that the "Esc", "Space", and "Enter" are hot keys that you'll use to help navigate to the Main Menu and exit out of the game. Pressing the spacebar will bring up the main menu where you'll see the settings cog in the bottom left of your screen so you can turn off the music or change the game from full screen to windowed mode if you'd like.

I hope this helps and happy gaming!



Help for some FAQs about Word Explorer

[Post New]by jops66 on Sep 22, 14 12:59 AM
STARTING: The first two levels when you load the game and the first level when you press PLAY on the main menu are Tutorial Levels (these tutorials can be replayed from the OPTIONS menu at any time and give lots of tips on how to play the game)

MUSIC: The music is geographically themed and different for every region in the game. You can turn it down, or off in the SOUND sections of the OPTIONS menu

POINT OF THE GAME: The point of this game is to use PLAY mode to collect over 1,400 photos from all around the World. Click on PHOTOS from the Main Menu to browse your photo collection

DIFFICULTY: Once you enter PLAY mode this game is massive, it starts off easy and then the difficulty ramps up once you enter PRO mode, especially as the time to complete a level reduces once you get to levels 6, 7 and 8. To enter PRO mode click on the silver star at the top of the screen before you load a level.

QUICK MODE: Quick mode is just a bit of fun to get into the game... Quests are Easy and Safari Mode gets harder and harder. You do not collect photos that you get in Quick Mode.

I hope these tips help..... BTW the game runs fine on my 5 year old laptop

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