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Problems still exist?

[Post New]by annibelle1 on Sep 20, 14 3:42 PM
Well with the update, it is a step backwards and one forward..Then 10 backwards and eventually you get what you were after...Unless we reach another item that can't be budged, or major task that cannot be completed. I was amazed that they put out an update that was suggesting better quality in the game and then see it really worse than before. Now, it seems either it can't be fixed, progress is slow or at a standstill, or they are acknowledging the rubblings at all. I am not sure how putting the games, etc. together, and maybe it is super difficult, but c'mon. If it is not fixable we need to know so we don't invest any more time with it. I love the premise of the game, the artwork, the music overall except that seems like it is off track or something? However all this doesn't matter if major glitches still exist almost if not all in every scene.

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