Escaping mercanary cave

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I was playing this game and can't figure out how to escape the cave that you get dragged into when you try helping the eye patch guy. Does anyone know how to get out of there? I really want to get through it so I can keep playing!


Re:Escaping mercanary cave

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this is in walk-through
6. Escaping the Cascade Caverns.
After winning the fight, you are taken prisoner in some caves.
Go to the spiked gate and open it (you need to still be wearing the Adventurer’s Jacket). Unlock the doors for Binearh’s and Killian’s cells; talk to them and they join the party. You are not currently able to get into the room with all the chests. Exit the screen by walking up and left.

Work your way down, left and up until you come to a boulder. Push it out of the way and continue to exit to the next screen.
Take the second path up. Open the 9 chests in the rooms up and down. Pass the boulder and then go up and open the 7 chests. Pass the second boulder, work your way around to the next boulder and take the top exit.
To the left, there are just monsters to fight. Work your way to the right and go through the exit.

Work your way to the right until you come to a lake with some waterfalls. Walk to the stepping stone and jump to the right 3 times by pressing Enter. Jump down twice and open the chest. Go back to the middle stepping stone and then jump up twice and use the top exit.

Walk up to the lake, below the stepping stone, jump up twice and open the chest. Walk right, to the water, one step down from the wall, and jump to the right to get to the other chest. Jump back to where you started from and then walk down to the lower stepping stone. Jump left twice and then twice more to cross the next one. Walk left and up to the middle of the larger bit of land and press Enter. Calliope will say “Uh boy…”, take a long run-up and land by the top exit. Walk through it.

-------problem is: i haven't been able to get my character to jump!!!!!!!!!!
Started additional game to see if I missed something, same problem.
Hope this helps you anyway.

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