Can't pick up objects

[Post New]by Kelloggs077 on Sep 21, 14 5:51 PM
Hello. I have been playing this game since I downloaded it the other day and I have had no problems. But today, I went to play the game and for some reason it isn't letting me pick up anything. I am at the part in the Duty Room where Nurse Piggs is laying on the floor and I need to get the key out of his wallet. It shows the wallet and when I hover over the key, the cursor turns to a hand so as to grab the key but it won't let me. There is also something on a shelf in the corner I need to pick up and it does the same thing. I have tried restarting the game and even game manager but it's still not working. Is any one else having this problem? Without being able to pick up any objects I am totally stuck.

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