trophies in Awakening Kingdom

[Post New]by tatianakupry on Sep 23, 14 4:26 AM
Where do you find trophy #4 or #5? Is it in the HOS (Map) or in the Mini-Games -- and how does this affect finding RELICS -- Faire of Exuberance and Artrium Verdant?

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Re:trophies in Awakening Kingdom

[Post New]by mouser9169 on Sep 23, 14 5:16 AM
trophy rank refers to the HOS. You should see your trophies when you select the scene, and when you finish you should advance one closer to the next one (until you reach five).

Some scenes contain a relic when you reach four trophies. This means you have a CHANCE of finding the relic, just like any collectible, so you may have to run the scene a few or more times to find it, or you might get lucky and hit it first shot.


Re:trophies in Awakening Kingdom

[Post New]by tatianakupry on Sep 25, 14 2:05 AM
Thanks for your input! I have reached GRAND MASTER and still have one more relic to find for Faire of Exuberance and two (2) more relics for Skycrystal Atriums -- have lost so much in coins and energy that am very frustrated that not one has appeared in any of my map scenes. This game is quite annoying in that you have to spend real money in order to play the map quests 1000 times -- this seems unfair to those who cannot afford to play for "free."

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