Safecracker Unleashed needs a major patch

[Post New]by tx3000 on Sep 23, 14 9:05 AM
Here are some major problems with this game:

1. Outside launching the game, there is no pause menu. ESC is what brings up the pause menu in games, and this game has no pause menu.

2. No way to SAVE the game.

3. No inventory Once you pick things up, (Papers, keys..whatever) it disappears and it's gone permanently. I cannot find anything I've picked up and so I can't open the door with the 4 digit code at the beginning of the game.

This game has a very piss poor design. There are no instructions on anything so Yeah I am pissed because I'm sick and tired of having games that don't include proper instructions because of a lazy development team, and then having gamers have the balls to tell me to do a bunch of research to find out what how the hell to do something in a game and trying to turn games into some demented form school work. I'm also sick of gamers saying
There are videos"
"You're dumb"
"My 5 year old son managed to figure this out"
As well as all other moronic comments that fall into this situation.

Instructions are also NOT FRIGGING HAND HOLDING as gamers love to constantly say.

Developers do your job and quit taking short cuts when you program games. You're supposed to explain how to use your products just like every other company does.

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Re:Someone provide me with instructions on how the hell to play this game

[Post New]by tx3000 on Sep 23, 14 9:08 AM

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Re:Safecracker Unleashed needs a major patch

[Post New]by baaadgirl_13 on Oct 8, 14 1:17 PM
Hi tx 3000--I just started playing and found that if you right-click, it should show your inventory, a map of the house, and a door to get to the main menu. Hope that helps!

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