This puzzle breaks the game

[Post New]by tx3000 on Sep 23, 14 11:18 AM
Clearly the objective of this puzzle is to get the ball into the hole on the right which is IMPOSSIBLE to do the way it is.

The only way this puzzle can be solved is if you can move one of the metal shelves the steel balls goes on...Since you cannot move anything on this puzzle except the ball. the ball winds up in the same spots every time I've moved this ball onto every slot and it winds up on a place you cannot get to the hole.

I very, very carefully recorded every time I moved the ball and exhausted all possibilities for that way of moving. I then repeated the procedure for moving it another way, I did this for every beginning way to move that ball and after doing all the ways possible there is no way to get the ball into that hole unless one of the edges themselves can be moved which none can so that makes that puzzle impossible to do.

Patch this puzzle so it can be solved.

And don't bother trying to say well obviously if people finished the game this gam be done or nonsense like I obviously didn't move it every possible way because that's a bunch of crap

There are only so many ways you can move something before you cover all aspects of it and since I recorded every possible way there is I didn't miss anything.

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