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Level 7 Objective 3?

[Post New]by kbear1 on Sep 23, 14 6:44 PM
Can someone tell me how to do this I can get the 20 salmon no problem the problem is having enough money left over to complete the level, its 1400 dollars after ordering all that salmon I don't end up with more than 500 at the end of the level can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?????


Re:Level 7 Objective 3?

[Post New]by kimmie65 on Oct 23, 14 11:03 AM
You have to serve fast and watch your time to buy. I had to work this one to get the jello pink cakes or use the pink cake reward to get it.


Re:Level 7 Objective 3?

[Post New]by RaeyinOfFire on Mar 5, 15 2:33 PM
I did one of these, not level 7 but another similar one, with powerups. It takes several refill powerups, the ones that look like a green funnel. It helps if the refill powerups are improved once (100 gold).

You use the powerups near the beginning of the level, then not only do they fill the salmon, they fill your other items too, saving you coins. Then you can use some of those coins on salmon. I was able to do the hot dog one with 4 improved powerups. That's 20 hot_dogs, but I got 12 of each ingredient from the powerups.

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