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level 3 objectives in sushi bar

[Post New]by kbear1 on Sep 24, 14 7:23 PM
Can anyone help me? I'm trying to do all the objectives by replaying the levels, I completed level 1 completely, but after that I can only get to the second objective in each level after that, it just keeps giving me the second objective even though I have won it several times on each level. what am I doing wrong?


Re:level 3 objectives in sushi bar

[Post New]by RaeyinOfFire on Mar 5, 15 2:27 PM
It did that to me, too! I actually uninstalled and reinstalled the game for some other reason, which I can't remember now. That fixed it. I'm not saying you have to do that, but if you're willing to, it will probably work.

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