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Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by GMJ02 on Sep 26, 14 4:46 PM
My tools don't seem to be working; i.e., I don't have any. I have 10 structures built. I got a hammer when the blacksmith's shop was built. I had access to the hammer for one round and then it went away. Twice I have been able to hover over the boarded up box on the furthest left and obtain the hammer, but it hasn't shown up in the past 15-20 rounds. I'm stuck on a level with a double chain at the top center and only 2 level above it. Out of 6-8 rounds I've only managed to break one chain. l am definitely loosing interest as I have no tools to compete with.

I've started the game over twice. I've uninstalled and re-installed the game once. The same thing happens, I get the hammer then it is boarded up again and I get nothing else. Can you help?

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