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dispeller of darkness

[Post New]by dlk_shades on Sep 27, 14 6:30 AM
How do you get this achievement? The only room that is done in darkness is at the very beginning. I even started a new player to see if I got that achievement, but no luck doing this room.

I can't finish the game because of this. Please help !!!


Re:dispeller of darkness

[Post New]by Tiger007099 on Dec 7, 14 1:22 PM
I'm still trying to finish that one, and also the pro design. I need help also, but no one wants to help you.


Re:dispeller of darkness

[Post New]by setiagentx on Dec 30, 14 9:23 AM
I can help with "Pro Designer". Not hard to do, but hard to describe...

First, as you progress through the game, purchase the least expensive of each kind of item. When you have done that, you will complete the game, in a manner of speaking. But you are not done yet. You will earn one star of the three for "Pro Designer"

Once you have purchased everything, begin upgrading. You must upgrade every item once in order to get the second star, so I would suggest upgrading each item to the next least expensive one of its kind. You have to upgrade every item to earn your second star.

Finally, do the same thing again, picking the next least expensive item. That will get you your third star.

Since some categories like flooring and carpet only have three items to choose from, while others have four or five, you can go on and upgrade them all after you have achieved the third star.

Hope that helps.

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