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Help with Easter Egg Achievement

[Post New]by SuzyF on Sep 28, 14 10:58 AM
In the Achievements section there is one that is an Easter Egg. You are supposed to be able to get it by burning a section of each candle in the Mirror Vignette 3 times (in the heroins house in her room I'm assuming). I've tried to burn each of the candles sitting on the dresser 3 times each with the combustible spell but nothing happens. Anybody able to get this one? If so, please advise. Thanks!


Re:Help with Easter Egg Achievement

[Post New]by CherylParker on Sep 28, 14 8:35 PM
Do you have all four colors?
All I did was exactly what you did. I burned each color candle 3 times with the combustible spell.
Also the room is Gerald's Study Room.
It's where you find the first 2 boxes of candles. The red and yellow.
I put one of each color in the candle holders next to the mirror.
Then I used the combustible spell 3 times on each color candle.

Do you know where the 5 hidden combustible areas are for that achievement?

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Re:Help with Easter Egg Achievement

[Post New]by CherylParker on Sep 28, 14 10:51 PM
Something is wrong with this achievement.
I played under a different profile because I missed 2 of the hidden combustibles in the beginning.
But anyway I tried getting all the achievements and I got all of them except the Easter Egg one.
I thought I did the same thing by lighting the candles. But I am not getting the achievement.
What gives? Is this a glitch? Or do they have to be lit in a certain order?
I have tried a few different ways but not getting it.

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Re:Help with Easter Egg Achievement

[Post New]by babytax68 on Oct 25, 14 12:36 AM
I'm with you, I cant seem to figure it out! I have gotten every other Achievement on 3 different profiles. I have burned all candle colors on each section, changing their arrangement, burning at beginning, middle and end, still nothing; What gives!!! Has anybody got this Achievement? Any help would be so appreciated!

By the way, the combustible Achievement locations are...HIGHLIGHT BELOW TO READ!!!

(1) In the hall; back right torch. (2)Tower: light the back left torch. (3) meeting room; light the candle on chandelier. (4) Patio: light the right torch. (5) In the house: light the candle on the table.

Hope this helps!

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